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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Passes in Pakistan

The main Passes in Pakistan are: 

1- The Khher Pass which connects Peshawar with Kabul.
2- The Tochi Pass which links Bannu with Ghazni in Afghanistan.
3- Gomal Pass connects Dera Ismael Khan in Pakistan viitt Ghazni in Afghanistan.
4- The Muziag Pass at a height of 19, 030 feet) which cc, nnects Baltistan and Yarkand in China.
5- Dorah Pass at a height of 14. 972 feet) which connects chitral with Nooristan of Afghanistan.
6- Khan Kun Pass at a height of 16, 600 feet) which connects Chitral with Vakhan (Afghanistan).
7- The Shandu Pass at height of 12, 205 feet) which connects Chitral and Gilgit.
8- The Babusar Pass at height of 14, 931 feet) which connects Abbottabad and Gilgit.
9-. Baroghil Pass 12, 500 feet which connects Chitral with Valthan in Afghanistan.
10- The Lawarai Pass at a height of 10, 230 feet which connects Dir and Chitral.
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11- Kilik Pass at height of 1500 which connects Gilgit with China.
12- Dargei Pass which connects Mardan with Malakand.
13- The Peiwar Kotalk which links Parachinar with Kabul.
14- Bolan pass which connects Baluchistan with Sindh.
15- Badwai Pass which connects Dir with Swat Kohistan.
16- Shangla Pass which connects upper Swat with lower swat (Indus Kohistan).
17- The Khoji Pass in Toba Kaakar which connects Baluchistan with Afghanistan.
18- Karakjoram Pass at the heighLof 18, 290 feet which connects Leh and Yarkand.
19- Miptaka Pass at the height of 15, 450 feet which connects Gilgit and Kashmir.
20- Zoji La Pass at the height of 11, 580 feet which 0065 Srinagar and Leh.



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