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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Pulsating Universe Theory


Modern theories of the universe are based on the flight of galaxies i.e. on the assumption that matter is an state of rapid expansion. All theories of universe week to explain the nature and consequences of this expansion.

It is advocated by Dr. AlanSandage and others. This theory says that the .universe expands and contracts alternately between periods miming into tens of billions of years. Some l2billion years ago. a great explosion occurred in the universe and that the universe is expanding ever since. It is likely to go on expanding for 29billion years more. when gravitation would halt further expansion. From then on all natter would begin to contract or collapse upon itself in a process known as -implosion- for 41 billion scars into all extremely superdense state which will explode once again. This theory is called the latest theory of evolution of the universe.
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