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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Rivers in Pakistan


In Punjab the main rivers are the Jhelum, the Chenab, the Ravi and the Satlej. 
1- River Jhelum rises from Kashmir and joints Chenab at Trimma 
2- River Chenab rises from Kashmir and flows through the districts of Sialkot, Gujranwala Gujrat, Sargodha, Thang and Muzaffargarh. 
3- River Ravi rises from India and flows through the districts of Lahore, Sialkot, Sheilchuptua, Sahiwal and Multan 
4- Rivers Satlej and Bias enter Pakistan near Kasur and meet the Rivers Jhelum, Chenab and Ravi at Punjab. The waters of all of the vie rivers join river Indus at Mithankot.
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Rivers In Pakistan


1- Hub is the main perennial stream in Sinai, which rises, from Pab range and flows into the Arabian Sea. 
2- the The Barren rises from the Kirthar range and flows into Indus. 
3- The Malir (a) seasonal stream) flows into the Gizri Greek near Karachi.
4- The Lyari drains the Karachi.district ni and flows into the Ara biam Sea at Keamari 
5- The Arial flows from the lake of Manchar and joins the Indus.


In NWFP: the Indus is the main river which. uses from Kailash Mountain the Himalayas at a height of 17,000 ft. It enters in Pakistan near u'chilas. it spreads into a Lake at Kalabagh and deceives the water of all the Punjab rivers at Mithankot. Al Thatta, it takes the shape of delta where it is split up into a number of channels, all flowing into the Arabian Sea. There are numerous tributaries which Indus receives from the West:
1- River Kabul flows from Afghanistan and joins Indus at Attock
2- River Swat rises from the Swat Kohistan and joins the river Kabul 'near Peshawar.
3- River Kunhar in Chitral rises from the Hindukush and joins the river Kabul near Peshawar. 
4- Ravi Panjkora is a tributary of river Swat. 
5- River Baia rises from Tirah hills and flows into the River Kabul. 
6- River Ku ram rises from the Koh-e-Sufaid and flows into the Indus. 
7- River Goma] rises from Afghanistan and flows into the Indus 
8- River Kunhar in Kagan valley joins the river Jhelum in Azad Knrlmir •


The rivers in Baluchistan are generally torrent and their flow is not perennial. 
1- River Bolan rises near Kolpur but it spread at Abi Gum and runs underground. It again appears on the Surface at Bibi Nani and is joined by the Sarawan River. 
2- The Nari flows through the districts of Kachhi and Sibiu and joins the river Bostan. 
3- The Pishin Lora rises from the mountains of Toba Kahar and flows through the district of Sarawan and Quetta. 
4- The Mula drains the districts of Jhalwan and Kachhi. 
5- The Hingot is the lhrgest river in BaluclUstan which is 573 kilometers long and all in to thb Arabian Sea. 
6- The Rakshan rises from the *Mekran range and flows in to the Arabian Sea. 
7- The Dasht rises from the hills of .Mekran and flows into the Arabian Sea. River Zhob rises ,from Baluchistan follows into Indus.



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