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Friday, 8 December 2017

The Sun

The Sun 

The sun is the dominate member of the solar system. It is the head of the solar family of 9 planets and 32. satellites. It contains more tan 99.87 per cent of the entire mass of its family. Our solar system gets all heat and light from it and it checks the movement of planets satellites. comets and asteroids etc, the sun as the nearest star from Earth. Because of its closeness its radiance overpowers that of the stars beyond -sunlight takes only 8.3 minutes to reach Earth, whereas light from the next nearest star, Proxima Centauri, takes more then four years. Sun's diameter is more than 100 times that of the Earth. and its mass is 300.000 times more than that of the Earth, even though it consists mainly of the lightest materials in the universe - hydrogen and helium. Hydrogen accounts for 70% of the Sun's mass, helium 28%, and alihe other known elements 2%.
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The heart of the sun is a nuclear furnace. in which i.. a temperature of 15,000.000 C°. hydrogen gas is being continuously turned into helium, a process known, as fusion. The nuclei of four hydrogen atoms fuse to produce the nucleus of one helium atom. This helium nucleusweights fractionally less than the four hydrogen nuclei, and the 'lost matter is convened into energy. It is this energy which powers the Sun. It is calculated that to make the Sun glow as brightly as it does. 600 million tons of hydrogen are being converted into helium every-second Despite this. however it is estimated that there is enough hydrogen left in the Sun to keep it burning for 500 million Years.
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